United Cutlery Timeline

Änderungen vorbehalten / All dates are subject to change

UC1278 Ringwraith Sword

UC1298 „Hadhafang“

UC1300 Sting Scabbard (LOTR)

UC1373 High Elven Warrior Sword

UC2942 „Glamdring“ (Hobbit)

UC3108 Gandalf Staff and Pipe

UC3042 Sword of Thranduil

UC3508 Spear of Éomer

UC3520 Mace of Sauron

UC1383 Helm of Elendil

UC1414 Gondor Infantry Helm

UC1417BL Glamdring Scabbard

UC1430 Helm of Isildur

UC2598 Sword of Isildur

UC2953 Sword of Fili

UC3100 Mirkwood Infantry Sword

UC3519 Sword of Théodred

UC3521 Helm of Sauron 1:2

UC3516 Anduril Museum Collection

UC3522 Guthwine Scabbard


UC3523 Helm of Theoden