United Cutlery Timeline

Änderungen vorbehalten / All dates are subject to change

UC1265 Glamdring

UC1383 Helm of Elendil

UC1414 Gondor Infantry Helm

UC1430 Helm of Isildur

UC2614 Sword of Sam

UC2940 Shield of Gondor

UC3043 Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm

UC3520 Mace of Sauron

UC3521 Helm of Sauron 1:2

UC3523 Helm of Theoden

UC1380 Anduril

UC2892 Sting

UC2953 Sword of Fili

UC3517DS Helm Display Stand

UC3522 Guthwine Scabbard

UC1417W Glamdring Scabbard (white)

UC2598 Sword of Isildur

UC1396 Anduril Scabbard

UC3516 Anduril Museum Collection


UC—- Dagger of Boromir

UC—- Mini Shards of Narsil + Statue

UC1366 Strider Ranger Sword Scabbard